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"Where Bees are the Keys"

Fall Season Open October 15th thru December 19th, 2021
October 21, 2021 Update:
Due to Drought and Smoke this season, the Persimmon Crop is not up to quality standards.  Products can still be purchased through our store online
(see "More" above) and picked up by booking a time through your order page or
visiting one of the events we will be attending (see "Upcoming Events" below).

We apologize for the inconvenience to those who wanted to
purchase Persimmons and visit this year.

Roxanne Femling
Producer & Artist
WWW.HATHILLSORCHARDS.COM       EMAIL: hathillsorchards@earthlink.net


We Are Excited to See You 

 Our Family orchards were once a part of a 30 acre parcel producing fruit on the edge of the 1890's-1940's "Fruit Basket of America" in the beautiful Sierra Foothills town of Newcastle, California. The parcel was divided in 1973 and our family purchased the middle acreage that included the fruit packing shed, home and 10 acres of fruit trees and pasture. Though many of the trees were past their prime or succumb to disease by then, the persimmon trees ( both Fuyu and Hachyia) were and still are thriving. We are now re-establishing our orchards with persimmon trees with a healthy, sustainable and soil restorative method and hope to have new producers in a couple of years. But for now, we are selling the sweet fruit from our old timers.


Persimmons , known as the

"Fruit of the Gods" in Ancient Greece are praised for their super sweet fruit when ripe. They have many properties including anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, C & K and are a fat free healthy carbohydrate. The trees naturally defend themselves from pests, so no spraying is needed.  We sell Chocolate Fuyu and Hachyia varieties. And we couldn't do without our visiting Bees. Persimmons and local honey are for sale in our Lean To Cottage Shop.


After celebrating the wedding of my beautiful daughter and her now husband on the hill top setting of HHO, many have asked us about having small events on our site. We have hosted birthday parties, family dinners and house concerts.  The Flora and Fauna of our Orchards are the perfect setting for any outdoor event be it a Wedding, Family Gathering, Music Concert, Retreat or Agricultural Education Outing for Kids of all ages (we even include visits with the Chickens, Goats, Sheep & Donkeys). We can only accommodate a limited amount of events per year so book early. 


Along with foraged, earth friendly, fresh whole fruit and whole or sliced dried Persimmons, we also sell Artisanal Jams, Jellies and Fruit Butters. Sample Spiced Pear Butter, Mission Fig Jam, Wild Sierra Plum Jam, Quince Jelly or Wild Blackberry w/Thyme Jam.  


Honey, Dried Figs and Pear Slices are available along with Fruit Leathers for the kids. All from our orchards trees and pasture bushes.


Browse our Nature inspired Craft and Gift items, Ornaments and Honey & Tea Gift Crates. Persimmon Loaves, Waffles and Cookies with a cup of Hot Cider Tea can complete your Fall outing to our Lean To Cottage Shop at Hathaway Hills Orchards.


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No upcoming events at the moment